Cassava: The Local Laetrile

Ms. A., my patient in New York City back in ’64, was a very conservative, single, Hispanic old lady who never thought to go see a doctor for the simple reason that to show her breasts, even to a lady doctor, was immodest, and unthinkable!  It was her sister who called us at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York; the stench had became unbearable and nauseating.  When I first saw her at home, both breasts were cancerous.  She was hunched over a hospital over-bed table, unable to lie back.  Breathing was difficult with two hard and heavy mounds pressing down on her chest.  The left breast oozed pus and worms.  Dead tissue around the edges gave the stink of decay.  Inoperable, this patient lived with her cancerous breasts for a good 25 years; it was truly a miserable existence.  Laetrile would have made a huge difference for Ms.A.

The problem was, her doctors would have scoffed at Laetrile, pronounced a fake cancer cure by the FDA and therefore banned in the U.S..  Even in the ‘70s, it was still illegal in most states and Mama’s supply often had to be sourced from Tijuana, Mexico.

Luckily we have a local alternative to Laetrile: kamoteng kahoy or cassava.

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Control Cancer Naturally

I’m not saying cancer can be cured but, much like diabetes, it can be controlled without using toxic chemicals.  For Mama, who lived 27 more years after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer, all it took was to follow the orders of G. Edward Griffin in the book World Without Cancer—The Story of Vitamin B17, which bears repeating:

“…avoid excessive damage or stress to the body, minimize foods that pre-empt the pancreatic enzymes for their digestion, and maintain a diet rich in all minerals and vitamins—especially vitamin B17.”

Now, if cancer is so easily manageable through a nutritional approach, with relatively cheap and wholly natural remedies, why are these not being promoted?  Why all the brouhaha, why the billions of dollars taken up by/for cancer research?  The answer lies in what Griffin calls “the politics of cancer therapy.”

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My Mother Survived Cancer Without Chemotherapy

Mama was 60 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage IV.  She was irradiated only twice, had no chemotherapy whatsoever, but she lived for another 27 years!

Her left breast was hard as stone, with orange-peel skin, and retracted nipple when she had a radical mastectomy in 1973.  With all her lymph nodes positive, she was irradiated immediately, straight from the operating room, and then again, early the following morning, in spite of explicit instructions to the contrary. That was the extent of my mother’s orthodox treatment.  When asked how much time she had, the surgeon said he couldn’t give her a year, or a month…

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