My Tiaong patient: first visit

The first home visit was really more like a look-see as I was not sure if ASI would even consider an alternative management. But i packed a foot-long kamoteng kahoy, anyway, for pain management plus what was needed for a wash&rinse deodorizer for her breast, just in case.

I gave over the kamoteng kahoy to ASI’s husband as soon as we arrived, explained what it was for and, in case ASI cared to try it, asked that he prepare it for me, cutting a thin slice of no more than 2 mm., peel it with just his thumb nail, then to quarter it. Continue reading


My Tiaong patient: … not that it’s been a breeze

Before anything else.  I got on ASI’s case when the family had given up, naipasa-Diyos na. Her breast cancer was all flared up already. It had been 10 months since a fine needle aspiration biopsy was done. And 9 months since she had the first of 3 (of a 6-cycle chemotherapy ordered by the oncologist) that wasn’t followed up for lack of funding.

This alternative management of ASI is a first for me. She’s actually the first patient I’m doing a full-blast alternative management on, guided only by what Dr.Navarro did for Mama and Dr. Kelley’s ecological therapy detailed in his book One Answer to Cancer along with the 3 Cancer Control Journal interviews featured in their July/August 1973 issue. Continue reading

My Tiaong patient: breast cancer, stage 4

I have a patient now in Tiaong, stage 4 breast cancer. My brother Butch, an internist, gave her 2 to 6 months, told her husband so, and then referred her to me for alternative management.

I saw her on July 5. She was really really in bad shape then, could hardly get up from her hammock, the only place she could lie back on. Her right breast to axilla (armpit) to underside of upper arm and back to just over the shoulder was one big ugly stone-hard lump with scattered tumors of different sizes. The nipple was displaced to the side under the axilla. Below where the nipple should have been was a bunch of grape-like vesicles with foul-smelling ooze. And there was a large oblong reddish-blue tomato-sized lump just below her collarbone, and another one of about the same size on the top of her head. Continue reading