Take care!

We go our merry way, developing habits early in life, eating too much junk food, smoking like a chimney, drinking like a fish, self-medicating.

We so take our health for granted, assuming that it will last forever. When it finally falters, we go see a doctor with hopes to regain it. Oftentimes it is too late, and always too expensive. That is when reality sinks in:

… the “doctor cannot “cure” you of anything. If you have a broken arm, the physician may set it—but only you—your own body may “cure” or heal the break. Continue reading


My Tiaong patient: commitment is vital

Since recovering from her month-long setback in November 2011, ASI’s ON/OFF cycles the next two months were uneventful, had practically gone by with just reports of the toxic symptoms of why she went OFF, date and time of last dose of lapay/KK tea, and consequent date when she went back ON again. Some renewed malignant activity was to be expected considering that ASI was OFF metabolic therapy for a whole month back in November. Though certain, I was not sure how soon it would show. Continue reading