My Tiaong patient: commitment is vital

Since recovering from her month-long setback in November 2011, ASI’s ON/OFF cycles the next two months were uneventful, had practically gone by with just reports of the toxic symptoms of why she went OFF, date and time of last dose of lapay/KK tea, and consequent date when she went back ON again. Some renewed malignant activity was to be expected considering that ASI was OFF metabolic therapy for a whole month back in November. Though certain, I was not sure how soon it would show.

I was relieved to find her looking well when I visited on December 29, 2011. Her tumors were even slightly smaller and flatter than when I last saw them. With a view to making her pro-active, I showed ASI how to do some exercises and light massage: on her arms to improve their range of motion, and on her stiff fingers to make it flexible once more.

The rehab efforts proved beneficial. When I brought ASI her 4-month supply of vitamins in mid-February 2012, she could already grate kamoteng kahoy for her own KKtea. , With her over-the-shoulder malignant growths totally dissolved and now able to fully lie back, ASI was even helping with her enema where she used to be totally dependent on her husband for the procedure.

My relief was, however, short-lived. I was dismayed, but not surprised, to find 3 new growths: where the tumor under her axilla had actually started to dry up, there were 2 pregnantly shiny nodes beside each other: one was 2.5 cm. in diameter, the other, 1 cm. The tumor between her collarbones had also spawned a 1.5 cm. baby.

But what utterly disconcerted me was the fact that ASI had not been consistent with taking her daily coffee enema! I could not understand how she, who had professed an ardent desire to live and was determined to win this battle against cancer, could have become complacent with her coffee enema, fully aware that it was her primary aid in the elimination of the toxic wastes from her body. So coffee enema is now back to twice a day.

Again, progress was compromised by the compounded circumstances of the November setback, along with her very irregular coffee enema. Since I had allowed the enema to be reduced from twice to just once a day due to her debilitated condition in November, she had apparently managed to find excuses not to take the enema regularly. ASI had to be reminded of the need for total commitment, that back-sliding resulted in her enzymes necessarily working on her superficial new growths first rather than on digesting her oldest and deep-seated malignancy, her primary tumor,

Commitment is vital in cancer control.

No buts about it: There will be a price to pay for back-sliding.


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