My Tiaong patient: ASI’s goodbye :(

It was all downhill since March 27, 2012 when a scab from the healed grapelike bunch of vesicles on ASI’s breast was rubbed off while bathing. The matter was not reported as the bleeding from the open wound was easily stemmed. It was morning of March 29, 2 days later, when ASI woke up to find her clothes and hammock blood-soaked! Continue reading


Take care: Shit happens

Let me familiarize you with the intestines, get to know how it works, and ease yourself through what a great many consider as the daily bane of moving one’s bowels.

Our intestines are made up of segments which squeeze down its contents as new material enters it from the stomach. Nutrients from ‘smooth’ foods (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) are absorbed almost completely in the small intestines while the ‘roughage’ or waste materials from fruits, vegetables, cereals enter the colon as a loose moist mass where excess water is absorbed by the body. The residue, now a relatively solid mass of wastes then moves down to the rectum where pressure on the muscles prompts an urge to move one’s bowels. Do you know how long the entire process takes? Continue reading