Convent-bred but pro-RH!

It was early on in my marriage when I was first asked by a friend (whose 2nd child came just 9 months after her 1st) why hindi pa sinusundan ang panganay ko.

Well, for one, I said, I was spacing because of my spinal problem. For another, I didn’t really want more than 2 or 3 children.

So how did i manage not getting pregnant?

I nonchalantly said i was on birth control pills. Continue reading



Bitter Almond Nuts are a very rich source of Vitamin B17 and is Dr Efren Navarro’s suggested substitute when Laetrile capsules are out of stock. Available in Chinese drugstores in downtown Manila, the bitter almond nut, familiarly known as Co-Hein (pronounced co-heng), is light cream in color and comes in split halves. Dr. Navarro has cancer patients take 15-20 split halves of the bitter almond nuts after every meal. To help estimate the volume to buy at a time, I counted 750 split halves of varying sizes, plus broken pieces and slivers in 100 gms. Continue reading

Enzymes vs. cancer

I have gotten feedback that lapay (pork pancreas), Dr. Efren Navarro’s suggested enzyme alternative for an indigent patient, is not that easy to source in the wet market nowadays. I would like to think that it is enzyme-use for cancer therapy which is causing the shortage of this very rich and natural source of trypsin and chymotrypsin, the vital enzymes for cancer control management. But it’s more likely the fact that lapay is a main ingredient of all-time native favorites bopis, bachoy, and dinuguan – viands, which used to be popular street foods only, but are now regular fare even in dine-in restaurants. Continue reading