For an Effective Cancer Therapy: Combined Modalities

My mother’s therapy was, like VM’s (a positive mammo case) is, actually a combination of modalities. It all came together from Dr. John Beard’s 1902 proposal that cancer and trophoblast cells (precursor of placenta) were one and the same. Dr. Beard not only contended that all cancers are fundamentally the same, he also identified trypsin and chymotrypsin as the important pancreatic enzymes for cancer control, and showed how nature ‘assigned to the pancreas the vital job of preventing cancer by keeping trophoblast cells under control.’ [G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer, 97] ‘Dr. Beard … had suspected that there was a nutritional factor in addition to the enzyme factor but was never able to identify it.’ [G. Edward Griffin, WWC, 98]

It was some fifty years later that Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr., a Doctor of Biochemistry, discovered how Vitamin B17 or amydalin, a chemical compound found in natural foods high in nitrilosides, literally poisons the malignant cells while nourishing all the rest. With pancreatic enzymes as nature’s first line of defense against cancer, Vitamin B17 is apparently nature’s back-up mechanism, a second line of defense against cancer in case the enzymes fail for one reason or another. Dr. Krebs developed Laetrile, a concentrated and purified form of B17, specifically for cancer therapy. [G. Edward Griffin, WWC, 98]

Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist, was fortunately already into cancer research when he was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas in 1964, and given just 1 month to live. Familiar with Dr. John Beard’s enzyme factor, he started on an intensive supplemental and nutritional program, advocated Dr. Max Gerson’s protocol of raw vegetables and juices which supplied his ravaged body the much needed nutrients in the form easiest for it to utilize, and used coffee enema for detoxification. Dr Kelley’s 1974 edition of One Answer to Cancer chronicles his struggles and survival. It shares his findings, drives home the point that everyone has cancer, and that a tumor is but a warning that protein metabolism is in trouble due to inadequate amounts of active pancreatic enzymes. ‘…, it is only when our protein metabolism is deficient that the symptom cancer develops.’ [One Answer to Cancer, 2010 edition, 16)

While the use of Vitamin B17 alone has reportedly been effective in many instances, even better results are usually obtained with supplemented therapy. As while Vitamin B-17 controls the growth of the malignancy, properly timed enzymes digests remnants of the tumors; controlled protein intake prevents over-worked pancreas which spares adequate active pancreatic enzymes for digestion of cancer cells; an adequate and well-balanced diet provides the requisite elements for life which is badly needed by the body; supplemental nutrition from vitamins and minerals aid in the body’s regeneration; and detoxification, as necessary, assists in the elimination of toxins.

Dr. John Richardon achieved one of the highest recovery rates among Laetrile practitioners in the entire world. His dietary restriction for those who have cancer is detailed in Laetrile: What is Vitamin B17?

Ernest Krebs Biography, details the components and protocols of Dr. Krebs’ Metabolic Therapy, as followed at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico; gives recommended dosages, including that for maintenance of remission.

‘The idea is to help the body fight the cancer very aggressively, without doing any harm to the patient while strengthening the immune system.’


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