Yoga Breathing in Natural Cancer Therapy

Life is dependent upon the adequate exchanges of gases in the lungs. Although the lungs give off many other gaseous wastes, most significant is the removal of carbonic acid, and the flow of oxygen into the blood. Sometime before, but more frequently after the start of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program, the patient or those close to him or her may notice a foul odor on the breath. No amount of toothpaste or mouthwash will remove it for long, since it comes from the bloodstream. One can be assured however, that this is only a phase and that the poisons are leaving the body. Continue reading


The Importance of Detoxification in Cancer Therapy

Daily, everyone produces malignant tumor cells and, daily, most everyone’s pancreas produces adequate pancreatin to digest the food they eat AND these malignant tumor cells. It is when one’s pancreas fails to produce the necessary pancreatin to accomplish these tasks that a disease “process” takes place which we correctly call Cancer. (OAC, p. 20)

The real problem in ANY cancer therapy is clearing up the body of toxins which accumulate as the tumor is dissolved. Continue reading

Dr. Kelley’s ON-and-OFF Cycles

It is always better if one can find a doctor to help, but in the absence of one who would, a cancer victim may find himself, as most of it can be, on a ‘do-it-yourself” natural cancer therapy. After all, it’s the person’s own life. If there is no one else who will, the patient can opt to take it on himself. To better “do-it-yourself”, the patient has to fully understand what the metabolic therapy is all about. Continue reading