FAQ 1: With lump gone and ultrasound negative, why is HCG titer still positive?

“I have been on metabolic therapy for months now and I can’t feel my lump anymore. It’s really totally gone. Even my ultrasound came out negative. But my Navarro HCG titer still comes in positive. Why is that?”

Because there is still a malignancy, I dare say. In this case, assuming that the Navarro Medical Clinic restrictions were strictly observed and the specimen properly collected, a positive HCG urine titer, in the absence of definite or obvious symptoms which can be clinically diagnosed, can only mean that the cancer has obviously been reversed, and is back to the sub-clinical stage, which is where it was before the growth became evident with a lump or a bump, or caused some discomfort and/or dis-ease, or before it was clinically diagnosed by biopsy, ultrasound, mammogram, ctscan, or an MRI.

Based on what Dr. Kelley says in his One Answer to Cancer book, that cancer takes all of some 39 months to grow big enough for it to show, a good analogy for cancer would be termites: infestation becomes obvious only after they have wrought much damage to one’s house. However, while getting the queen bee is the single crucial factor in termite control, there are several deficiencies to deal with in cancer control, and where all deficiencies are properly addressed, it will take a lot more than the several months that one has been on metabolic therapy to achieve a negative titer.

It is said that it is easier to build a house than to repair or rebuild one. The same goes for cancer. One must keep in mind that, while the cancer cell did nothing else in those 3-4 years but just resolutely multiply and grow a cancerous mass, a now ailing body has to multi-task to overcome the malignancy. First off, pancreatic enzymes have to be made available for dissolving the protective protein coating of the cancer cell so that the white blood cells and Vitamin B17 can neutralize it. The processing of dead cancer cells which follows results in debris, further burdening the body. It has to work double-time, taxing the liver, no less, processing wastes in its effort to spare the already beleaguered body from the poisons of accumulated toxins. And it doesn’t end there just yet: wellness and health can only be attained with adequate nutrition and necessary vitamins and minerals, essential as they are to the vital task of repairing cancer-damaged cells and/or building new ones.

The metabolic therapy is undoubtedly working.  Otherwise, how explain the negative radiologic results, and no lump to speak of, where there was one before?  Further, how come the tumor didn’t grow, become bigger, or metastasize?  It is reassuring that, although perplexed, all those who had asked the question chose to remain on the regimen of combined modalities.

Take note:  Achieving a negative HCG titer is not the be-and-by-all of metabolic therapy.

Keep in mind:  Cancer cannot be cured; it can only be controlled. And controlling means having to stay on maintenance mode for life. As some tend to become complacent over time and become lax with their diet and supplementation, it is wise to have the titer checked periodically to catch re-growths while still sub-clinical.

Remember: much like diabetes, cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. Maintenance is vital to keeping it truly controlled.


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