ZINC: Vital in Natural Cancer Therapy

Having found, from reading Dr. Philip Binzel’s book, Alive and Well, how ZINC is the transportation mechanism for nitrilosides, and therefore vital to metabolic therapy, I have since added a 50 mg. tablet of zinc to my daily after-dinner supplements and updated my March 2013 post: Natural Cancer Therapy: It’s all about nutritional supplementation under MINERALS.

They found that you could give Laetrile (amygdalin, vitamin B17) until it came out of the ears of the patient, but if that patient did not have a sufficient level of zinc, none of the Laetrile would get into the tissues of the body. [Philip E. Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well, Chapter Two: The Nutrition Connection, last paragraph.)

Moreover, the following is from Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible, pp.119-122. (Warner Books Edition, Copyright 1979 by Earl L. Mindell and Hester Mundis):


Zinc acts as a traffic policeman, directing and overseeing the efficient flow of body processes, the maintenance of enzyme systems and cells.

Essential for protein synthesis.
Governs the contractibility of muscles.
Helps in the formation of insulin.

Important for blood stability and in maintaining the body’s acid-alkaline balance.

Exerts a normalizing effect on the prostrate and is important in the development of all reproductive organs.

New studies indicate its importance in brain function and the treatment of schizophrenia.

Strong evidence of its requirement for the synthesis of DNA.

The RDA, as set by the National Research Council, is 15 mg. for adults (slightly higher allowances for pregnant and lactating women).

Excessive sweating can cause a loss of as much as 3 mg. of zinc per day.

Most zinc in foods is lost in processing, or never exists in substantial amount due to nutrient-poor soil.

What Zinc Can Do For You:

Accelerate healing time for internal and external wounds.
Get rid of white spots on the fingernails.
Help eliminate loss of taste.
Aid in the treatment of infertility.
Help avoid prostrate problems.
Promote growth and mental alertness.
Help decrease cholesterol deposits.

Deficiency Disease:

Possibly prostatic hypertrophy (non-cancerous enlargement of the prostrate gland), arteriosclerosis.

Best Possible Sources:

Round steak, lamb chops, pork loin, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin seeds, eggs, non-fat dry milk, ground mustard.


Available in all good multivitamin and multimineral preparations.

Can be bought as zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate tablets in doses ranging from 15-300 mg. Both zinc sulfate and zinc gluconate seem to be equally effective but zinc gluconate appears to be more easily tolerated.

Chelated zinc is the best way to take zinc.
Zinc is also available in combination with vitamin C, magnesium, and the B-complex vitamins.


Virtually non-toxic, except when there is an excessive intake and the food ingested has been stored in galvanized containers. Doses over 150 mg are not recommended.

Personal Advice:

You need higher intakes of zinc if you are taking large amounts of vitamin B6.

This is also true if you are an alcoholic or a diabetic.
Men with prostrate problems—and without them—would be well advised to keep their zinc levels up.
I have seen success in cases of impotence with a supplement program of B6 and zinc.

Elderly people, concerned about senility, might find a zinc and manganese supplement beneficial.

If you are bothered by irregular menses, you might try a zinc supplement before resorting to hormone treatment to establish regularity.

Remember, if you are adding zinc to your diet, you will increase your need for vitamin A.

Cautions (p.189):

Excessive zinc intake can result in iron and copper losses.

If you add zinc to your diet, be sure you’re getting enough vitamin A.


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