Frequently Asked Question 3

Why, what are enzymes, anyway?
What do enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin have to do to with cancer?

Enzymes are large protein molecules, present in all living things from bacteria to whales to marigolds. They are nature’s chemists. All activity of living things depends on them— the greening of leaves in the spring, the bolt from an electric eel, the wagging of a dog’s tail, the illumination of a firefly.

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Frequently Asked Question 2

I’ve been on metabolic therapy for 4 months now. However, my Navarro titer went up from 50.5 to 54 i.u. instead of down. Why is that?

Dr. Kelley explains:

The patient should understand … that the urine test will indicate an increasingly positive value in the first weeks of treatment because more of the hormone detected is given off when the malignant cells are being digested by the enzymes. (One Answer to Cancer 61)

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