Chemotherapy: ORTHODOX vs. NATURAL

Yes, Virginia. Like chemo, which is how the medically administered chemotherapy for cancer is generally known, the long-suppressed natural metabolic therapy is also a form of chemotherapy. However, the similarity ends there.

Orthodox chemo treats the tumor as a disease when it is actually just a symptom of a cancer gone malignant. Natural chemo treats the malignancy as a problem in protein metabolism resulting from an insufficient supply of pancreatic enzymes.

Orthodox chemo uses chemically prepared pharmaceutical drugs to destroy malignant cancer cells.
Natural chemo uses pancreatic enzymes and vitamin B17 to destroy cancer cells, control its spread, and prevent recurrence of the malignancy.

Orthodox chemo mostly targets actively dividing cells and consequently, according to Dr. John Richardson, “…kill not only cancer cells that are dividing, but also a multitude of normal cells all over the body that happen to be caught in the act of dividing.”
Natural chemo effectively destroys ONLY cancer cells.

Orthodox chemo’s effect on blood, mouth, stomach, intestines, and hair, cause blood poisoning, mouth sores, violent nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, cramps, progressive weakness, and clumps of hair falling, often, to baldness; affected reproductive organs result in impotence or sterility, there’s brain-fatigue, eyes and ears become impaired, and Dr. Richardson states that “every conceivable function is disrupted…”
Natural chemo does result in toxic symptoms, too, but they are manageable when heeded: going OFF the enzymes for 5 days gives the body a chance to catch up with eliminating digested dead cancer cells, thus preventing the fatal accumulation of toxins.

Orthodox chemo’s usual 6-cycle treatment is usually indefinitely maintained with oral chemo to cover new or recurrent growths, without providing relief from all the accumulated toxins from long dead cancer cells, which eventually leads to a fatal poisoning of the body.
Natural chemo recognizes cancer as a multiple-variable deficiency disease, provides for the deficiencies with nutritional supplementation, sees to the prevention of and relief from accumulated toxins while effecting repair of damaged cells, and rebuilding a ravaged body.

With eyes wide open, forewarned is forearmed.


2 thoughts on “Chemotherapy: ORTHODOX vs. NATURAL

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Nancy if one was taking the less toxic tablet type chemo given for advance cancer patients just like my wife (adv breast to bone). Could do your regime including enzymes enemas etc and would this keep toxicity from chemo at bay? Many thanks.

    • Let me put it this way, Steve: we know for a fact that the white blood cells (WBC) are the body’s first defense. But because the WBC is negatively-charged like the sialomucin protein coating of the cancer cell, the WBC is rendered ineffective. In metabolic therapy, the pancreatic enzymes digest the sialomucin coating thus allowing the WBC to neutralize cancer cells.

      As chemo targets actively dividing cells, it kills not only cancer cells but also actively-dividing normal cells.

      Taking oral chemo and metabolic therapy’s enzymes together will only overload the system with toxins.

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