UST‘61 grad.  At outset, did special nursing while waiting for board results.  Off to US of A in Sept’62 for a 1 year onco nursing internship at James Ewing Hospital.  And another year with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.  That year in public health nursing opened my eyes to the realities of racial discrimination.  It was then that I had second thoughts about renewing my visa.  Working abroad was not for me.

Back home in ’64, did special nursing exclusively for post operative cancer patients til I got married in ’65.  Two girls and a boy plus 6 grandchildren later, I still miss nursing.  And take every opportunity, and excuse, to do health-related volunteer work, including zero waste advocacy, when I’m not dealing with land and legal concerns of family and clan.

The recent death of a destitute cancer victim unable to avail of expensive orthodox treatment moved me to start blogging and share what I have learned over the years about a natural and non-toxic way of treating cancer that costs and hurts much much less compared to chemotherapy and radiation.


27 thoughts on “About

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi there Tita, this is Leslie, Lei’s (Ainee’s) friend & classmate since we were 9 yrs. old (gr. 4) 🙂

    Thank you so much for starting this blog. Like you, my brothers & I also come from a family with a long and strong history of cancer from both sides – yep, both my mom and dad’s sides. Mom died of cancer of the intestines; she only lived for less than a year. This is also why I know that the big C is in our blood, in our genes. This blog that you started will really be very helpful for my family, relatives and I. Thank you po talaga! 🙂 Hope to see you soon, Tita!

    • thank you, hija.
      you, me, everyone has cancer as it is in the very nature of our cells.
      pls read ‘everyone has cancer’ in my blog.

      malignant tumors happen when protein metabolism is hampered due to inadequate enzymes.
      cancer is much like diabetes, a problem of sugar metabolism and insulin supply.
      both can be controlled.

      on prevention mode, i:
      1. limit protein to fish in the morning and lunch; and NO proteins after 1 p.m.
      2. limit animal protein consumption, if at all.
      3. take the co-enzyme vitamins and minerals to get the enzymes to where it is needed.
      4. take raw vegetables and fruits.
      5. take 1-2 enzyme tablets after every meal.

      the basics of cancer management as per drNavarro’s titer results:
      1. laetrile (Vit B17/amygdalin);
      2. pancreatin with TRYPSIN and CHYMOTRIPSIN;
      plus all 5 of above prevention mode.

      hope this helps,

  2. Daisy May Torres says:

    Hi Mam,

    I am Daisy Torres and like yourself, I’m all for alternative healing methods to cure cancer. Reason for this is because my mom has breast cancer too. She was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer back in 2008. She underwent a lumpectomy for biopsy. Even if her oncologist advised a radical mastectomy for her left breast, we sought another opinion. Unfortunately, the next oncologist advised chemotherapy. We didn’t know better then so she had to endure one session. We take God’s signs very well so when someone introduced us to Dr. Tam Mateo’s Naturopathic methods, we tried it. My mom lived with more energy since then and has never been sick nor unwell. However, over the course of 3 years, we became complacent since there are no symptoms anyway. But, she’s off the pork and beef route since then. Last July though, we found a lump in my mom’s collar bone as well as several nodules in her left armpit. Luckily, we learned about Dr. Efren Navarro. Her first test resulted to a 52.2. It goes as low as 51.8 and as high as 52.6. We are still continuing the metabolic and B17 therapy religiously. I have a few questions though about handling symptoms so I hope you can give me your email address. With your experience as an Onco nurse and coming from a family of doctors, I’m sure you can enlighten me, peer to peer. My email address is daisymaytorres@yahoo.com

    I look forward to your favorable response.


    Daisy May Torres

  3. maky says:

    Hi Ms. Nancy, I have stage 1A breast cancer. I refused to undergo chemotherapy and im into vit. b17 from dr. Navarro. Is it really necessary to undergo colon cleansing?

  4. before any disease can be cured, waste products have to be cleansed from the body, maky.
    the sooner done, the better.
    as the body can then start repairing.

    you didn’t say if you have had surgery.
    it would help if i knew more of your medical profile.
    my email: nancystuartamador@gmail.com

  5. Grace Ocampo says:

    I need help to walk me thru. Pls advise where can I possibly see you. Need someone to mentor me on my walk., I have +4/52.6 result just this oct. 31, 2012.

  6. spassky says:

    hi nancy,

    Thank you for the great info, such a big help. we come from a family that has history of cancer on both sides. I saw one of your comment on prevention mode: If i will take co-enzyme vitamins and enzyme tablets this would not affect my kidneys right?I can purchase vitamins mentioned above in any drug store?what is recommended brand?

    Hope to seee your reply soon.

    Thank you.

    • anytime, spassky.
      curiously, you and john sent almost the same comment, and had the same email address, too.
      and thought the comment was just inadvertently re-sent, reason for this delayed response.
      anyway, i have since replied to john and hope you’ve seen it too.

  7. Sheila says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for your informative blog.
    Our mother has been diagnosed with Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma (Salivary Gland cancer). The family opted not to undergo radiation after removal of tumor on her left jaw last April of this year because of her age and current condition – stroke and diabetic. After 4.5 months, the tumor begin to appear on her left jaw again. Now, we want to try alternative treatment for her. Kindly advise where and how to start. Thank you.

    • hello, sheila.
      i’m sorry to hear of new tumor growth; it is, however, not unexpected.

      after surgery, i usually suggest going on Metabolic Therapy to control cancer.

      i’m glad you’re consulting with drNavarro.
      having the Navarro urine titer done will, besides indicating how much cancer, if any, remains after surgery, also guide drNavarro on the proper dosage of the enzymes, vitB17, the necessary vitamins and minerals, and the modified diet, all of which go hand-in-hand for a successful Metabolic Therapy.

      for clinic days and hours, and directions on how to get there, please call secretary grace at 02-714-7442.
      for instructions and precautions on urine collection, please google Navarro Medical Clinic.

      take heart, sheila, and think positive.
      if i can be of further help to you and your mom, i’m just an email away.

      • Jean says:

        Hi ms nancy good day!
        I just had (ductal carcinoma) partial masectomy on my left breast and some lymph nodes has been taken for biopsy( no result yet) inwould like to know
        Where i could buy all this protocol enzymes and b17, i am currently working in dubai, and planning to go back in the philippines i dont want to undergoe chemo, as i am also pregnant, is it ok to use
        The b17 in pregnancy

      • hello, jean.
        as per drKelley in One Answer to Cancer, enzymes are contraindicated in pregnancy.
        referred your case to drNavarro and this is what he had to say: the baby’s pancreas provides added protection in pregancy; and as regards vitB17 in pregnancy, he suggests natural sources of VitB17 will be safer in place of the tablets.

  8. Rose says:

    Hi Ms. Nancy,

    My 7years old son relpased after a bone marrow transplant. He has aml (acute myeloid leukemia). Will b17 respond to this kind of cancer. We definitely would liek to try alternative treatment. Looking forward to hear from you asap.


    • hello, Rose.
      as your son is only 7 years old it will be best to consult with a doctor familiar with metabolic therapy.
      may i suggest getting in touch with Dr. Efren Navarro for necessary management.
      to save your son from traffic angst, i suggest bringing in his urine for HCG titer to the clinic first.
      results, ready in 24 hours, may be emailed upon request.
      drNavarro can better assess and determine metabolic therapy’s efficacy, as well as the best dosage of enzymes, vitamin B17, and the necessary supplements.
      please visit the Navarro Medical Clinic site to get instructions on urine collection.
      for clinic days/hours and directions on how to get to drNavarro’s clinic, please call secretary grace at 02-714-7442.

    • hello, Rose.
      as your son is only 7 years old it will be best to consult with a doctor familiar with metabolic therapy.
      may i suggest getting in touch with Dr. Efren Navarro for necessary management.
      to save your son from traffic angst, i suggest bringing in his urine for HCG titer to the clinic first.
      results, ready in 24 hours, may be emailed upon request.
      drNavarro can better assess and determine metabolic therapy’s efficacy, as well as the best dosage of enzymes, vitamin B17, and the necessary supplements.
      please visit the Navarro Medical Clinic site to get instructions on urine collection.
      for clinic days/hours and directions on how to get to drNavarro’s clinic, please call secretary grace at 02-714-7442.

  9. Rose says:

    Thank you so much, Ms. Nancy. I have already made an appointment tomorrow. Much appreciated. God bless

  10. Linda Coffman says:

    I am an advanced metastatic breast cancer stage 3C survivor for last ten years. Even though I survived I suffer from very painful chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. I tool three chemo drugs, adriamicin, cytoxin, and taxetere. The large doses of taxol caused nerve damage. I also endured 35 weeks/5 days a week of radiation treatments that left 2ND degree burns, killed my thyroid, scarred my lungs, and I lost all my teeth. They irradiated my right underarm area for 19/21 + nodes. I wondered about your post cancer health. Doctors are not very knowledgeable on my condition.

    • hello, Linda.
      please google for Dr. Philip Binzel’s book “Alive and Well”.
      it’s an eye-opener that i used for my
      chemo and radiation leave a horde of dead cells, both healthy and cancerous ones, which result in toxins. getting rid of these toxins is essential.
      my Sept 2015 CHEMOTHERAPY: ORTHODOX VS. NATURAL will help you better understand the aftermath of your conventional treatment.
      just an email away at nurse.mom.oya@gmail.com

  11. Mel says:

    Ms. Nancy, I can’t thank you enough for this blog. I haven’t been clinically diagnosed of cancer yet and as of writting I am in the hospital waiting to have a diagnostic D&C for the mass in my endometrium as per my recent TVS. I am scared beyond compare but reading your blog somehow gives comfort that if this is cancer, there is still an option to get better aside from chemotherapy. I am the breadwinner in my family and can’t afford expensive chemo treatments.


    • hello, Mel.
      take heart.
      cancer is not the scourge it has been made out to be.
      please find time to read through all my posts.
      you, as well as your family, will benefit from understanding the metabolic aspect of cancer, and how malignancies can be prevented.
      i’d appreciate hearing from you, Mel, should you find any of your concerns unaddressed after you’ve gone through my blog,
      you will have had the D&C by now, and anxiously waiting for the results.
      please know that i am just an email away,

  12. Denz says:

    Hi Nancy – I’ve been reading your blog and learned a lot. Thank you for blogging and it’s really a great help.

    My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer with 3/6 lymph nodes metastasis and had a radical mastectomy April 2018 but we did not consult to an oncologist after.

    I’ve been googling alternative treatments and my mother tried various alternative treatments before submitting herself to radical mastectomy this year. Initially, after her Breast CA diagnosis in 2017, we consulted Danny Meneses of Philippine Breast Cancer Network and followed his 42-day juicing protocol with coffee enema where she experienced a rapid weight loss. We did not continue the protocol after then consulted Dra. Farrah in Tarlac where she tried Boston C for 30 days. Now we are consulting with Dr. IMELDA S. EDODOLLON of HOLISTIC INTEGRATIVE CARE CENTER in Makati. They recommended the Gerson protocol and advised to take various vitamins and minerals which also includes B17. My mother just started the Gerson protocol, but we are thinking of consulting with an oncologist and probably follow the conventional way of treating cancer since my Father and other family members are not fully convinced. However, we don’t have the means to support the treatments financially.

    My mother seems to be doing great physically and she’s gaining weight. Her skin color has also improved. Although she’s still totally can’t move her arms in full 360 degrees 3 months post surgery.

    Right now, we’re totally disorganized on what to do.

    • hello, Denz. sorry for this delayed reply. internet was down for 3 weeks.
      as ‘we’re totally disorganized on what to do’ as you say, may i suggest Dr. Philip Binzel’s Alive and Well (available on-line) for a good layman’s read. the book helps one understand what makes cancer tick, details what metabolic therapy is all about, and how this natural therapy works to control cancer.
      in your place, i’d also ask my Mom what she wants, have her read the book as well, as metabolic therapy will need commitment to a lifestyle change for it to really work.
      although cancer is a problem in protein metabolism mainly due to inadequate pancreatic enzyme, the body still needs protein for organs and systems to function (3/29/2013 post: NaturalCancerTherapy: It’s all about nutritional supplementation, E. Good quality protein). and it might do well to learn, as well, how Cancer Is But A Chronic Metabolic Disease from my 8/24/2013 post.
      as regards her arm, Denz, i imagine some swelling. propping up her arm with a pillow should help circulation, reduce some swelling. exercises taught her in her physical therapy sessions after surgery should be continued at home to improve her range of motion.
      hope this helps, Denz. if there’s anything else, am just an email away at nurse.mom.oya@gmail.com

  13. Clarissa says:

    Hello, i just had my mammo and breast utz and BIRADS Category is 4B. There is a hypoechoic area with suspicious sonographic feaures found in my left breast, 2.3mm by 3.5mm. I dont want them to remove it, what should I do

    • Hello, Clarissa. Consider the findings as a wake-up call.
      As per by dr.Kelley in his book One Answer to Cancer, it takes some 39 months to 4 years for a growth to become palpable or cause some dis-ease, causing one to eventually go for consult or diagnostic tests. Initially,
      i suggest having a Navarro HCG urine titer done. The result will serve as a baseline for monitoring treatment response, as well as help Dr.Navarro determine the appropriate Laetrile (VitB17) dosage should the patient opt for MetabolicTherapy.

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