VM: A positive mammo case

A mortal dread of surgery had kept VM from having a lump on her left breast checked sooner. Then, realizing that no amount of prayers would make the lump go away and that it was just steadily growing bigger, she finally decided to seek medical consult. A 12/13/2011 bilateral mammogram confirmed a suspicious 12 mm. rounded density on her left breast, and yet another non-palpable one deep in her right breast. She brought the results to my brother, the doctor, sometime before Christmas hoping to be referred to me for Metabolic Therapy (MT). She was however advised after examination to first have a biopsy to help identify the type of, if indeed it was, cancer so that a more suited chemotherapy could be prescribed after surgery. Continue reading


My Tiaong patient: commitment is vital

Since recovering from her month-long setback in November 2011, ASI’s ON/OFF cycles the next two months were uneventful, had practically gone by with just reports of the toxic symptoms of why she went OFF, date and time of last dose of lapay/KK tea, and consequent date when she went back ON again. Some renewed malignant activity was to be expected considering that ASI was OFF metabolic therapy for a whole month back in November. Though certain, I was not sure how soon it would show. Continue reading

My Tiaong patient: depression & shortcuts

Three weeks into the therapy, ASI wondered why she tended to just eat and sleep all the time.  Dr. Kelley calls it the “healing crises”: Having been provided good nutrition, ASI was now trying to grow a new body which was exhausting work, and much like an infant, just eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps.  The “healing crises” would however also cause stress on her liver and kidneys as the newly-formed cells, and those undergoing repair, dumped additional toxins into her system.  It was crucial that her malignant tumors be destroyed only at a rate that would not overwork her vital organs and prevent over-toxic conditions which could poison her system.

And this is were the ON and OFF days come in. ON days provide saturation of needed nutrients, while the OFF days allow her body to catch up in detoxifying, as well as to repair and rebuild. As the need to go off the metabolic supplements rests solely on ASI’s assessment of how she feels, she had to be alert for toxic reactions as they usually start as just little changes or mild discomforts. Continue reading

My Tiaong patient: weight loss, toxic wastes

Just as spilling of sugar into the urine in diabetes is a symptom telling us that there is a problem in the digestion and use of sugar and other carbohydrates due to lack of insulin, a malignant tumor warns us of a lack in active pancreatic enzyme.

Dr. WD Kelley: Cancer is a symptom of inadequate and deficient digestion and use of protein. The real problem is protein metabolism, not cancer. The malignant tumor is only a symptom telling those who would listen that their protein metabolism is in very serious trouble. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy only treat the symptoms of (what we call) cancer.’ (One Answer to Cancer p.14)

Going by Dr. Kelley’s research that cancer has been growing some 2-4 years before it shows any symptom, ASI’s first ‘bukol sa may kili-kili’ in 2007 may have been some 3 years old. But even then, it was still not too late. Had she consulted right away, surgery would most likely have been done, with at least the primary tumor removed. And everything would have been a whole lot simpler because starting her on Dr. Kelley’s nutritional therapy would have halted further growth, usually from within 3 hours to 12 days, while simultaneously controlling any cancer left after the surgery. Continue reading

My Tiaong patient: first visit

The first home visit was really more like a look-see as I was not sure if ASI would even consider an alternative management. But i packed a foot-long kamoteng kahoy, anyway, for pain management plus what was needed for a wash&rinse deodorizer for her breast, just in case.

I gave over the kamoteng kahoy to ASI’s husband as soon as we arrived, explained what it was for and, in case ASI cared to try it, asked that he prepare it for me, cutting a thin slice of no more than 2 mm., peel it with just his thumb nail, then to quarter it. Continue reading