Natural Cancer Therapy: Nutritional Supplementation in a Nutshell

Natural Cancer Therapy: It’s all about Nutritional Supplementation elicited quite a few emails requesting for clarifications. I have since come to realize how one can get lost in the maze of details, busy as the post is, and have come up with this more simplified listing: Continue reading



* Cassava remains the best known local source of Vitamin B17.

* Tiesa comes a close second.  Unfortunately, besides the fact that ripe tiesa is bothersome to eat as it sticks to the roof of the mouth, its distinctive ripe smell reminds one of a newborn baby’s poo (soiled diaper?).

Also high in Vitamin B17 are:

* Tamarind (sampalok), though seasonal here, those from Malaysia are found in our fruit stalls and supermarkets all year round.  When available, I snack on tamarind on an empty stomach, about 2-3 hours after a meal to maximize benefits of its VitB17 content.

* Potato bean (singkamas), when young (meaning small) and freshly harvested, makes a sweet and crunchy snack by itself. And it’s really smacking good when dipped, even better marinated, in a concoction of apple cider vinegar, coco or brown sugar, and sea salt, then seasoned with black pepper.

* Black plum (duhat) pulp’s vitamin B17 is not as strong as that of cassava and tiesa, but it’s seed carries more of the vitamin than the flesh.  One can save the seeds and extend one’s supply of B17 beyond this fruit’s season:  Just wash and brush-clean the seeds; allow to air-dry very well; and grind to a powder. 

With no tests yet on duhat powder, Dr. Efren Navarro advises a teaspoon of the powder in a glass of juice to start off, increasing gradually as tolerated.

* Ginger (luya), white and yellow, are commonly used raw to spice a salad or for pickled green papaya (achara)); when thinly pared with a peeler and air-dried then ground into powder, dissolving in hot water makes for instant ginger juice (salabat).

* Lima beans (patani) is better steamed at low heat, but not for too long… boiling or too much heat destroys the B17 in amygdalin-rich foods.

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