Metabolic maintenance: Vital for cancer control

I found my mother’s battle with cancer after her radical mastectomy uneventful and uncomplicated. Saved from having to deal with the clinical problem of dissolving her malignant tumors and disposing of the toxins, her therapy was concentrated on controlling metastasis. If anything, the limited range of motion of her heavily engorged arm and having it forever-bound with supp-hose was her one and only discomfort. This she good-naturedly accepted as par for the course.

The change in diet and new habits to develop was easy enough, committed as she was to beating her cancer. Her 27-year survival was the result of total commitment, aware as she was that, even when her Navarro HCG titer finally did come in negative, metabolic support would have to be maintained to ward off new growths.

A person who has had cancer will always be susceptible and must keep constant vigilance. If at any time the free pancreatic enzymes in the body falls below the amount that is necessary to keep the cancer cells digested, malignancy will always redevelop. Many people make the false assumption that just because their first test is negative, they are free from cancer for life. This mistaken attitude has shortened the life of many. (One Answer to Cancer by Dr. William Donald Kelley p.21)