Nutritional Cancer Therapy

Here, Dr. Philip Binzel recounts the influence of G. Edward Griffins and the Committee for Freedom of Choice in California, his shift from the comfortable and safe practice of traditional Family Medicine to the unconventional Nutritional Cancer Therapy which consequently got him embroiled in the politics of cancer (Alive and Well, Chapter One:  Case Dismissed)

Chapter Two: The Nutrition Connection

So, how did a Family Physician from a small town in Ohio ever get involved in a conflict with the FDA in the first place? If you read the Preface, you already know the answer. It was the fault of Mr. G. Edward Griffin.

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My Tiaong patient: ASI’s goodbye :(

It was all downhill since March 27, 2012 when a scab from the healed grapelike bunch of vesicles on ASI’s breast was rubbed off while bathing. The matter was not reported as the bleeding from the open wound was easily stemmed. It was morning of March 29, 2 days later, when ASI woke up to find her clothes and hammock blood-soaked! Continue reading